Thomas Consulting     At Thomas Consulting, we do not believe that a consultant can be a salesperson and still retain his unbiased perspective. That is why we do not sell computer hardware or software. What we sell is the experience, knowledge and expertise that can only come from a combined 59 years of designing, installing and maintaining computer systems.
We are better (and faster) than other consultants because we constantly share what we learn with each other every day, we research and learn new topics every week and we truly love what we do!

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What we do

We provide troubleshooting, consulting and technical support for stand-alone and networked computers. We will help you stay connected in the office and at home. We offer technology-related services ranging from installing a new server or PC to configuring Cisco Routers. From troubleshooting Active Directory issues to setting up VPN’s. From configuring VMWare ESX to maintaining Linux servers. From sharing Internet connections and printers, to choosing the right software, to helping you work more efficiently.
We keep up with the industry standards and constantly study new topics, which results in most of our research being done on our time, not yours. We are also exposed to the latest technologies, so answering many different questions comes easy to us.

We understand how important your time is and you shouldn’t have to spend it trying to get your computer(s) working properly. We will help keep them running correctly so you can stay focused on your business.

We now offer Remote Assistance to help with your problems. Click here to begin your remote session:
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